Interesting info about EMERALD, AMETHYST, TOPAZ apartments

This is CAPO GALERA beach near the diving center

This is Porta Terra, the Tower. Ancient entry to the village. Stop here by car. The Old Town is traffic free. Walk into via Simon, (see photo) apartments are on via Machin, one little street on the right, few steps.


Porta Terra, right  side (Via Simon)

See the beauty of Capo Caccia promontory

These are the ramparts

This is the port. The Old Town on the back

These are the ramparts. You are in the movida


This is via Machin by  night

This is the Old Town. You are here

Apartments are in the old town and one step the sea at the same time. They are situated via Machin close to Porta Terra, ancient entry to the village.

Walk few steps and you get to the sea promenade, ramparts. There is a nice fishermen’s beach nearby.

It’s well worth visiting it to watch the fishing boats come in unloading their catches, indeed local fish can be found on the menus of many local restaurants in the old town and bastioni.(the best: Mabrouk, Pesce d’Oro, il Pavone, check prices)

Alghero has a great choice of excellent pubs, cafes and restaurants with something to suit everyone as well as a selection of independent shops, and craft workshops.

Please see map of apartment location hereunder

See the ramparts bastioni surround the old town :Bastioni Cristoforo Colombo, Bastioni Marco Polo. These are high walls, once defence to the village from invasions.

See Giardini Manno and Porta Terra on the map. If you come by car stop at Porta terra because the Old town is traffic free. Then walk into via Simon, via Machin is one little street on the right. You can stay parked just the time to unload with one passenger on board. Then park around Porta Terra (Via Cagliari, via xx settembre, via Mazzini…etc. ).Attention yellow lines are for residents only, blue lines paying, white lines free. Or you can park at the port, 3 minutes walk. Or around piazza Sulis (there are many free parkings there).

If you come by bus from airport of Alghero (about 20 minutes) you need to get off at Porta Terra, then walk into via Simon. Via Machin is one little street on the right, few steps. The ticket is 1 euro each by bus
If you come by taxi from the airport of Alghero it is 20 euros about. Taxis are just outside the airport

If you like exploring it is a good idea to rent a car for some days. Do it before leaving on line, it is cheaper (searching for ‘ aeroporto di Alghero rent a car’ there is a great choice of rent a car companies).

Do not miss to visit Grotte di Nettuno at Capo Caccia either by a day trip boat or going down 600 steps among cliffs at Capo Caccia.

Bosa village , one hour drive or by bus.


The north

Asinara island, a one day trip

The beautiful beaches around: Bombarde with a beautiful playground and little water park for children, Lazzaretto, Porticciolo, Mugoni, Porto Ferro, Le Dune Maria Pia beach.

Please note you can enter the old town by car from 8 to 10,30 and 2,30 to 4,30 pm if you like but you do not need, apartment being at porta terra But get out when it is not allowed or you will be fined. Attention, drive where it is allowed.

There is a fresh market of fish, fruit, vegetables.. on via Cagliari, steps to apartment
The tourist office is Lo Quarter largo San Francesco, few steps to apartment
The baker’s too is few steps, via Gilbert Ferret
And there is a nice caffe il Girasol where to have breakfast on the sea.
There is a little market of crafts products and other on the promenade lungomar Dante, opposite Bastioni, every evening, in tourist season.
But you will find plenty of crafs shops in the old town if you like shopping (corals, leather, hand made towels.. carpets, pottery ) and italian, specifically sardinian, manufacture.

Please let me know time of landing as soon as available, thank you

At the check in you need to leave 200 euros or in yr currency against any damage. as specified on the announcement
They will be given back to you when you leave. I will give you a receipt. My phone number is 0039 3386214399 .
The owner will assure the good maintenance of apartment. The guest is kindly requested not to leave rubbish, empty bottles and tins, dirty dishes, medecines, pills before leaving.
Thank you very much
The apartment has got linens , bath towels.
I am sending photos  and more info to those who are interested in.
And tell me if you need more details or if I did not make myself understood , thanks and keep in touch



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