Old Town & Beaches


“Alghero Vecchia” is the charming old town, surrounded by seven great towers and the old walls that still stand at the sea edge and which date back to the Catalan-Aragonese conquests in the sixteenth century. The narrow cobbled streets and alleys of the Old Town are abuzz with people and activities until late at night. Summer and spring are the peak seasons when the whole city comes to life. The car-free zone of this historic centre is perfect for enjoying a leisurely stroll where you can find perfect gifts in the many small shops, sample local produce in the bars and restaurants and visit the old churches. The fifteenth century palaces, the Civic Theatre with its neoclassic façade, the cathedral and the sixteenth century bell tower of Santa Maria are all representative of a long Sardinian legacy and even the houses of the centre of Alghero stood through the bombings of the Second World War.



The beaches in the Alghero area are gorgeous, long stretches of fine white sand framed by lush vegetation typical of the area. The most accessible beach is San Giovanni beach that goes from the harbor to the camping site La Mariposa. This is the town beach and can be reached on foot; it is also the most serviced with plenty of bars and bazaars all over. Maria Pia beach is a long stretch of white sand with clear shallow water on one side and a lush pine wood on the other. This beach is at the edge of town and though it is well serviced with sun beds, umbrellas, bars and restaurants it maintains a more natural feel rather than that of an urban beach.

A short drive away from Alghero there is the ever so popular and gorgeous Le Bombarde, white sand and crystalline water, this beach can get very crowded as it is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Not far from Le Bomabrde IL Lazzaretto is another long stretch of white sand and a very good choice when the northwesterly wind blows over Alghero as this spot is rather sheltered.

Mugoni  is a particullary beautiful beach.It is a little further away than these two beaches, but it is worth the extra drive as the natural surroundings and clear water are a spectacle not to be missed. Mugoni is particularly at sunset when the majority of people have left and the sun sets over Capo Caccia.

La Speranza is a great sandy beach going towards Bosa and it takes a little longer to reach but it is definitely worth it. As well as white sand here you can find rocks and the seabed is great for snorkeling.

Porto Ferro beach is popular with surfers, in fact this beach is very exposed to the elements and you can often find waves to test your surfing skills.